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Fees & Details

  • *Incase of optical fibre administration/registration fee @Rs.1000 per km must be paid online while submitting the application.
  • *Incase of Mobile Towers administration/registration fee of sum of Rs 10,000 must be paid online while submitting the application.
  • *Restoration cost will be updated by the concerned departments in the system after which licensee can pay the amount to the respective departments (OFFLINE Payment).
  • A performance bank guarantee @ Rs 75.00 per route meter with a validity of one year initially(extendable if required till satisfactory completion of work) shall be furnished by each licensee as a security against improper filling/unsatisfactory compaction/restoration and damages caused to other underground installations/utility services and interference, interruption, replacement, disruption or failure caused thereof to any services. Notwitjstanding this licensee shall be liable to pay full compensation to the aggrieved owners for any damage sustained by them by reasons of the exercise of Right of Way facility. The Roads and Bridges Department/Rural Management and Development Department/Urban Development & Housing Department, State Government or the Agency shall not be accountable or liable in any manner whatsoever and the licensee shall be solely responsible for above discrepancies. The above charge of Rs. 75.00 per route meter is liable to be reviewed every three years. The bank guarantee will lie in the custody of Secretary/D.I.T who will release it only after receipt of completion report and clearance from the concerned agency in-charge of the road.
  • The licensee/service provider shall be solely responsible for fill compensation/indemnification of concerned Agency/aggrieved owners for any direct, indirect or consequential damage caused to them/claim or replacements sought for, at the cost and risk of the licensee. The concerned agency in coordination with owner shall also have the right to make good such damages/recover the claims by forfeiture of Bank Guarantee.
  • In case of up gradation of the road or extension of road carriage width, the cables/ducts or any other structures laid by the licensee shall be shifted and re-laid by the licensee at their own cost and within specified period indicated by the Roads and Bridges Department/Rural Management and Development Department or the agency-incharge of the road.
  • Shifting of existing facilities like telephone cables, electrical lines, electrical poles etc. wherever required would be done in a time bound manner and at their own cost. The service provider will ensure that there is no hindrance to the free flow of traffic.
  • The licensee/service provider shall ensure that the debris/waste material if any shall be disposed by them at their own cost failing which the owner of the road will dos so at the cost of the licensee. The digging of the trenches would be strictly regulated so that cables are laid and trenches are filled up before the close of the work everyday. Filling should be completed to the satisfaction of the Department. While carrying out digging work, necessary caution like barricading, traffic diversion signs, danger lighting etc. shall be provided by the user.
  • Restoration/reinstatement of the road damaged due to digging and other activities while laying cables/ducts or construction of structures while availing the Right of Way will be done by the Service Provider to the satisfactory level of the land/road owner department.
  • For more details please read the ROW policy.